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Club Championship

Championship races:

1 January Chard Flyer 10k (MT) Results Somerset Series
26 February Babcary 7 (Road) Results Somerset Series
5 March The Big Cheese (MT) Results Somerset Series
19 March Butleigh 7 (MT) Results Somerset Series
2 April Taunton Marathon / Half (Road) Results: Half/Full  
12 April Yeovilton 5k Race 1 (Road) Results Yeovilton 5k Series
30 April Glastonbury 10k (Road) Results Somerset Series
10 May Yeovilton 5k Race 2 (Road) Results Yeovilton 5k Series
14 May Wambrook Waddle (MT) Results Somerset Series
28 May Wells 10k (Road) Results Somerset Series
4 June Crewkerne 10k (Road) Results Somerset Series
14 June Yeovilton 5k Race 3 (Road) Results Yeovilton 5k Series
2 July Quantock Beast (MT) Results Somerset Series
12 July Yeovilton 5k Race 4 (Road) Results Yeovilton 5k Series & Somerset Series
2 August Haselbury Trail 10k (MT) Results Somerset Series
9 August Yeovilton 5k Race 5 (Road) Results Yeovilton 5k Series
27 August Battle of Sedgemoor 10k (Road) Results Somerset Series
10 September Ash Excellent 8 Entry form Somerset Series
13 September Yeovilton 5k Race 6 (Road) Online entry Yeovilton 5k Series
24 September Frome Mells Scenic 7 (MT) Online entry Somerset Series
24 September Taunton 10k Online entry Note date clash with Scenic 7
1 October Burnham Half Marathon (Road) Website Somerset Series
22 October Exmoor Stagger (MT) Online entry Somerset Series
26 November Brent Knoll (MT) Website Somerset Series



You must finish at least 6 of the 24 races to qualify, but your score will be calculated on the top six highest scores if you finish in more than six of the races. The standings are calculated using an age grading system, based on performances in that specific race. For instance, a 41 year old male finishes with time of 45:25 and the M40 category is won by someone with a time of 42:51; 42:51/45:25 x 100 = 94.35%.

Traditional age categories will be used; ie SM, M40, M50, M60, SF, F35, F45, F55 etc. If the race provides more detailed age categories (ie. 5 year intervals) then age grades will still be calculated based on the traditional categories, not those used by the race. If the race uses less detailed age categories (ie. Senior male, Vet male, Supervet male) then it is not usually possible to get more detailed information, and those categories shall be used.

If a runner in an older age category has a better time than one in a younger category (ie. a M40 wins the race, beating all the SM runners) then that time cascades down, meaning that the best time for both the M40 and SM categories are that set by the winning M40 runner.

You do not need to submit your results; as long as you listed Running Forever RC as your club, we will extract the results. If you forget to enter the club name, or use some exotic variation (Taunton's Forever Running Club etc.) then we may not spot it!