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Weekend Wanderings 7/8 July

The Running Forever lot love an away day, especially if it earns us a bit of bling, a goody bag and maybe a pint of cider or a weird suntan lines. We are happy to travel in packs or to travel solo and spread the word about what a great club we belong to.

There's often an assumption that being a member of an affiliated running club (£2 off most race entries and lots of other benefits) means you're a 'serious' runner and will either only tackle long distances or be very fast or, for the lucky few, both! That's certainly not the case with Running Forever, we have our speedy folk, we have our middle of the packers and we have (waving my own hand in the air here) our plodders. We have people who are happy to tackle nothing longer than a parkrun and we have runners who knock out ultras in the same way I can scoff doughnuts. We are all equal members of this lovely running club and we all celebrate each other's achievements.

This weekend saw 10 members tackle the Albion Running Lyme to Ham 50K ultra. That's a pretty long way! Well done Dan Talbot (5:17), Damon Butler, Martin Webb, Jules Griffiths-Jones (cracking 6:37 on her first ultra), Ron Foord, John Newby, Peter Hall, Matt Price, Chris Gunn and Eliza Brodie. I hope there were several pints of cider and a few cakes scoffed afterwards.

Taking on the newest White Star Running event, the Cider Frolic 12 hour race, were Andy Burgess and Claire Howat who earned themselves a squeaky pig (yes, really, although there was traditional bling too). Claire then did the Chase Half the following day (no piggy but a cracking medal) taking her to over 30 miles over the 2 days.

Sally Tuer took herself off to Tipton St John for the Otter River Run 10K which sounds lovely and scenic. No mention of a squeaky otter though.

Simon and Lisa Denson had a trip up to that there London for the British 10K on a route which allows you to run round lots of the major sights of the capital. Simon finished in a speedy 40:36 with Lisa doing 53:24.

Chasing ponies in the New Forest 10 miler were Marina Tomsett, Helen Phillips, Ray Tutton & Lucy Spring. This earned them a rather nice horse brass medal and, hopefully, a slice of cake or two.

A couple of our members fancied getting a little soggy before their run so Liz Williams and Nadine Prouse took part in the Honiton Sprint Triathlon. Well done ladies, hope the water was lovely and cool and the bike bit wasn't full of Tour de France type climbs.

As I said at the beginning, we're not just about the fast people or the marathon runners, we're about everyone who wants to improve their running (we have qualified coaches to help you) or just have fun running with friends. Twenty four RFRC members took part in our local Longrun Meadow parkrun this week where there was cake as one of our members, Kirsti Nelson, completed her 150th parkrun. We had one tourist as Michael Blake took himself off to the seaside at Torbay.

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