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Weekly Round up 7th January 2018

This is version 2 of this week’s report; it’s the episode where the brave reporter struggles with 52 people doing the same race, and where said race isn’t blessed with the best of search functions for results. Oh and the reporter is in the midst of Dry January so has no recourse to the traditional cider cure...

With the Christmas turkey a distant memory and the last of the slackers about to head back to work, it was a mass outing to Stoke St Gregory for the Stoke Stampede on Sunday. Like a benign yet determined herd of red and white clad bison, fifty two of our finest athletes braved the chilly temperatures for this local 10K.

First man home, sixth overall and winner of the Junior Male prize was Chris Brown in 38.18. That’s nippy, I took longer to do parkrun! Next over the line were Ray Tutton (43.48); Matt Blee (44.29) and Scott Weech (45.00) with Dave Bullock (46.14), our first RFRC female finsher, Sallie Durman (47.24); Pat Date (46.38) and Brian Bandyszewski (47.56).

Making the finish in under 50 minutes Jo Hall (48.08); Sam Stamp (48.52); Dave Porter 49.13); Chris Larcome (49.21) and Chris Reah (49.58). They were closely followed by Andy Higham (50.20); Duncan Gordon (50.37); Lee Derrick (50.52); Helen Needs (51.14); Mark Alway (51.16) Becky Coles (51.35) and Carl Moppet in 51.36.
Just about time for the supporters to draw breath before they welcomed Michael Glide (52.21); Karen Monteiro (52.38); Richard Councill (53.28); Sally Tuer (54.18); Richard Mackroy (54.25); Peta Aspden (54.30) and Chris Buckman (54.47). Jules Griffiths-Jones finished in 55.22 along with Paul Clowes (56.14); Steph Andrews (56.36); Helen Phillips (56.37); Emily Vining (56.39); Joanne Toogood (56.47); Ed Loat (57.24); Peter Stretton (58.35) and Lucy Spring (59.44).

Finishing dead on one hour were Katie Barass and Gill Taunton, with Rosemarie Clark just 1 minute behind them. Kelly Dunn. Lisa Windsor and Liz Leonard recorded 1.01, Brian Brown (1.02) and Liz Williams (1.03) were next; closely followed by Eliza Brodie (1.06); Donna Higham (1.07) and Ali Wasey (1.07). Next to collect their medals were Amanda Smith and Sarah Holloway in 1.11. Mary Rousseau finished in 1.13, with Pauline Porter and Yvonne Loat completing the course in 1.18.

Club member Hannah Taunton was first female finisher in the TAC colours and Nadine Prouse also took part in Her TAC guise. Also deserving of a mention was Matthew Loat, son of club members Yvonne and Ed, who completed his first 10K in 57 minutes. Matthew is too young to be an official member yet but he’s still very much part of the RFRC family.

We had parkrun tourists in Burnham and Exmouth (and one of them was me!) this weekend as well as 30 at Longrun Meadow mudbath.

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