Types of Running Explained

Runners of all levels should be familiar with the types of running that exist for people who want to run. You can do them independently or combine a series of them in one session. Some of the runs that you should know if you are interested in running are:

Recovery Run

This type of run is short and is done at an easy pace. The recovery run is aimed at adding a small mileage to the training of a runner. It does not take away the performance in the hard and important workouts. Professional runners say that recovery runs should be done after a hard work out. They should be done slowly while taking breaks so as not to overwhelm the body.

Long Run

This kind of running, as the name suggests, is the type that will leave the runner either severely or moderately fatigued. The main reason why runners take the long run is to increase their raw endurance. The time it takes, or distance that should be put in place when doing a long run depends on the current level of endurance of the runner. The rule is always that the longest run should give you the confidence to take up long races.

Base Run

This is a short or moderate length run that is done at the runner’s pace. They are not meant to be very challenging, and the runners are encouraged to do them frequently so as to build resistance, speed, and aerobic capacity. They form a big bulk of weekly training.


Fartlek is a kind of base run where intervals of different durations or distance are mixed up. It is a preferred way for runners to develop fatigue resistance and faster speeds. It works best for early training sessions. It is also used in the late stages of a training cycle to get fast runs. There are instances where fartleks are used to substitute track workouts for interval sessions.